How can I find out when a game will air?

Our complete broadcast schedule is available at wosn.tv/broadcast-schedule. You can search by team names, programs, or just see what’s coming up next.

What games will WOSN be covering this weekend?

Our upcoming broadcast schedule is available on our homepage under Upcoming Broadcasts. The listed games include their FIRST AIR TIME only. Additional airtimes can be found here. You can also find the upcoming weeks schedule posted on our Facebook page.

I would like to advertise on your station and/or sponsor a broadcast. Who do I talk to?

Our sales team of Victoria Kaufman and Jim Tarr would be happy to work with you to find the perfect way to support your business, school and community through our broadcasts. Many options exist for all price ranges. Email vkaufman@wtlw.com or jtarr@wtlw.com or call the station at (419) 339-4444 for more information.

Where can I buy games that appeared on WOSN?

DVD’s and Blu-Ray discs are available for games starting in 1988 to this year. If you know the game you would like to purchase, you can also call our station at (419) 339- 4444 between 9 AM – 4 PM Monday- Thursday to place an order.

I have a group that would like to take a tour of the station. How do I arrange that?

Please feel free to contact jbeck@wtlw.com or call (419) 339-4444.

I am interested in Job Shadowing or an Internship, who do I talk to?

We are excited to host Job Shadowing students and have internships available on Friday and Saturday nights from August – March. Please contact nfraley@wtlw.com for more information.

I have cable. Where do I find WOSN?

WOSN on Area Cable Providers:
BK Communications – 84
Glandorf Telephone – 43
Hometown Cable – 97
Kalida Telephone – 58
NK Telco – 227
Orwell Communications – 610
OTEC – 58 Q1 – 610
TSC – 286
Wabash Telephone – 43

WOSN provides it’s signal free of charge to local cable and satellite companies.  If your provider does not carry WOSN, contact the company and request that it be added..

How do I contact for help?

For streaming issues, refunds and cancellation requests, email contact@wtlw.com for the most immediate response. You can also call us during busness hours at 419-339-4444.

How do I stream games?

Streaming events can be found on app.wosn.tv.

The WOSN TV Channel app is available for Roku and AppleTV for a $8 monthly subscription at app.wosn.tv.

What does the $8 monthly subscription to the WOSN App get me?

The $8 monthly subscription at app.wosn.tv gives you 24/7 access to the WOSN TV channel. It also gives you "on demand" access to games for 7 days after their posting.

LIVE events hosted on app.wosn.tv are purchased separatetly at $10 per ticket.

Need More Help?

Check out our Support page for help watching, finding the broadcast schedule, and other frequently asked questions.

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