1/4/2013 McComb vs. Vanlue
DVD Discs are Standard Definition but can be played on both DVD and Blu-Ray Players.Blu-Ray Discs are High Definition but can ONLY be played on Blu-Ray Players.
$ 20.00 USD

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How do I place an order?

All WOSN and WTLW full-length game productions are available as DVD and Blu-Ray discs.

Please call our front desk during office hours (Monday - Thursday, 9 am - 4 pm) to place and pay for your order.

Not sure what games we have? Email brife@wtlw.com with what you're looking for.

How much does it cost?

DVD's are $20 and Blu-Ray discs are $25. Shipping is an additional $2 per disc or you are welcome to pick up pre-paid orders for no additional charge.

Archived games (pre-2012) games are $25 for DVD's. This is due to the additional work required to digitize the older games.

Do you offer digital downloads?

No, as the online storage space required to store the thousands of games we have available would be massively expensive.

If you are interested in a digital file, however, those can be purchased by contacting (419) 339-4444. A new, unopened, physical memory device (hard drive, USB flash drive, SD card) will need to be provided by you for the game(s) to be loaded onto.

Should I order Blu-Ray or DVD?

Since 2012, all of our games are filmed in High Definition. To view these games in HD, you’ll need to order a Blu-Ray disc. Blu-Ray discs require a Blu-Ray player to be viewed.

DVD discs provide a Standard Definition quality image that is able to be played on DVD players and Blu-Ray players.

How long do orders take?

Many orders are processed and mailed the week they are ordered. At high volume times or if a large order has been received, processing times may be increased. Orders are mailed through the US Postal Service. Pick up orders will receive a phone call when their order is available for pick up.


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